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Experience GoHaiti

Make your Impact at Generations of Hope, Haiti.

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How to Volunteer

Step 1 - Reserve you Trip

GoHaiti gives volunteers a unique opportunity to work one on one with the children and staff of our orphanage. Through this life changing experience, both the volunteers and the children are ministered to. In addition to helping build, plant gardens, and maintain the facilities, volunteers offer loving support. Children feel loved through the human touch experience perpetuated by volunteers and staff. A key component to our success, volunteers truly make a difference.We will are always seeking volunteers with a variety of skills and will organize your visit to fully utilize the skill sets you bring to Haiti. For example, we would encourage medical professionals to participate in or conduct open clinics.If you are an individual or team interested in visiting GoHaiti please begin the process by completing the Trip Reservation Application to request specific travel dates. 

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Step 2 - Register as a Volunteer

Once you submit the application a representative from GoHaiti will reach out to you and explain the rest of the application process. Please remember, the trip dates you enter in this form need to be approved by GoHaiti before you can make your travel arrangements. ALL individuals interested in volunteering at GoHaiti MUST complete the On-line Volunteer Application

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Trip Guidlines

  • Applicants must fill complete this application 30 days prior to departure.

  • Do not purchase ticket before clearance and application approval from GoHaiti.

  • A confirmation notice will be issued to the applicant after the approval of his/her application and then he/she can proceed ti contact GoHaiti to continue with making travel arrangements.

  • Applicant must cover all his/her travel expenses including his/her health expenses.

  • Although safety measures are considered, Generations of Hope, Haiti (GoHaiti) is not responsible for accidents or other inconveniences should they arise.

  • Applicant must bring all his/her own necessary medicine or medical equipment.

  • Applicant is not authorized to use alcohol or other prohibited substances while in the field.

  • Applicant must attend 2 to 3 meetings for prayer, planning and training on missions and strategies. These meetings are typically coordinated/conducted by your church, team leader, or a member of GoHaiti.

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