The GoHaiti Property

The Generations of Hope, Haiti facility is a two acre site which is in an ideal location. It is easily accessible (near the airport, US Embassy and United Nations base) and is situated in a vibrant community which is the target population for our services The property also features an existing building that was in a state of unfinished construction at the time we moved in.

Thank You

In late 2011 we reached out to our friends and supporters about our our urgent initiative to complete the purchase of the GoHaiti property. God had enabled us to initiate the purchase of an ideal piece of property where we have held our everyday operations since the earth quake. However, in the wake of the tragedy, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been competing for real-estate to establish their operations. The pressure exerted by these well-funded organizations jeopardized our original purchase agreement.

We circulated a newsletter that highlighted some of the progress being made at the GoHaiti facility and included a plea for contributions to pay off the remaining $100,000.00 balance owed on property.

We are thrilled to announce that, by the grace of God, we were blessed by like-minded friends, families, and organizations that allowed us to raise the required $100,000 in only a few short months.

We are working on a proper way to acknowledge those who contributed. In the mean time we want to extend a special thanks to the family of Elaine Bargen and our partners Christian Haitian Ministries.

Thank you for being faithful,

Dr. Franco Jean-Louis, M.D.
Generations of Hope, Haiti Inc.

Project Archive

Completed GoHaiti projects

We firmly believe it is critical for us to report on our progress. This allows us to demonstrate our fundamental belief that we constantly need to be improving the standard of living of the Haitian people we serve. This is also a mechanism for us to show our accountability and provide insight into what your efforts and donations are providing. Below is a listing of completed projects